Structural Bolting - Training Video

Structural Bolting - Training Video

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Structural Bolting – Including New Specifications and Changes

90 Minute Training Video #101615-V

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In this webinar we discuss some of the must-know changes in structural bolting specifications and new products:

• ASTM F3125– replacement for the 4 most important ASTM Structural bolting specifications and 2 metric specifications
• Significant changes to the structural bolt rotational capacity test will be outlined and the test will be demonstrated
• The newest revision to the RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts will be reviewed
• A review of terminology and the must-know requirements of the RCSC specification
• Case studies of how structural bolt job-site problems should be handled by suppliers to prevent rejected bolting
• What to do immediately when you get a call regarding “bad bolts”, and what to do right after that, and after that
• Understanding the roles of all of the players in a structural bolting application:

o The Steel Contractor
o The Bolt Buyer
o The Receiving Inspector
o The Bolt Salesperson
o The Steel Detailer
o The Steel Worker
o The Bolting Supplier
o The Bolting Importer
o The Domestic Bolting Manufacturer
o The Overseas Bolting Manufacturer
o The Bolting Special Inspector
o The Inspector of Record
o The Project Quality Manager
o The Testing Laboratory Technician
o The Structural Engineer
o The Engineer of Record
o The Project Owner
o The Special Equipment Manufacturer
o The Standards Committees Members
o The Various and Endless Government Agencies – State, Federal, and local.
o The Structural Bolting Trainer
o The Structural Bolting Consultant
Yes – the list is long and distinguished, but any one of these people can ruin your day or save your assets.

This Webinar is not just for structural bolting people. We will cover many of the important technical, sales, engineering and quality principles applicable to all fastener applications.
BUT – if you are involved in structural bolting this is a must-not-miss 90 minutes of training that could easily save you thousands and thousands of dollars on problems prevented.

2-week rental – $225 (up to 25 views per video)

One-time view – $125

Includes reference materials and quizzes

Instructor: Carmen Vertullo CFS
Image - Carmen headshot

      • Founder of Carver Consulting, a San Diego-based consulting, engineering and training company specializing in fasteners and bolted joints.

      • Experience in fastener quality assurance, manufacturing, sales, and inventory management programs.

      • Developed and teaches a series of advanced fastener training courses for the Fastener Training Institute®.

    • Holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from National University, San Diego, CA.
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