Value-Added Service or Costly Mistake

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Value added service or costly mistake?
Key elements for the entire supply chain: fastener producers, resellers, and end users.

Presented by the Fastener Training Institute®  
Tuesday, September 21 – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Registration Fee:

$349 early rate, $449 after September 14, 2021 

Carmen Vertullo & Rob LaPointe – AIM Testing Laboratory
Users and suppliers of fasteners both depend on many different types of secondary processes to get just the right fastener for the application. 
These secondary processes add cost and value to the product. Choosing the right or wrong process can be the difference between providing a value-added solution or creating a costly problem.
This full day program will show users and suppliers how to detect and prevent the risks associated with value-added fastener services and maximize the opportunity for a good result.

We will cover:
Session 1: Understanding Fastener Plating and Coating Processes and Standards
Session 2: Material Removal and other Modifications to Fasteners
Session 3: Locking Elements and Thread Adhesives and other vibration resistance strategies
Session 4: The absolute minimum you must know about Hydrogen Embrittlement
Session 5: New coating and finishing technologies
Session 6: The importance of QMS integration into your value-added services 

This program is geared to all levels of experience and intended for individuals in:
Sales                                      Engineering
Purchasing                           Manufacturing
Quality                                   Problem Solving
Sourcing                                Plating and Coating Applications
Bring your questions to the seminar and get them discussed and answered by industry experts using case studies, application examples and lessons learned.
You will gain a lot of practical fastener knowledge and increase your professional value and industry status by sharing this day with Carmen, Rob, and business colleagues.

Registration fee includes:
A full day of training in a small group environment
Certificate of completion 
Valuable take away literature
Show floor guide including additional technical information

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