Self Drilling Screws - Training Video

Self Drilling Screws - Training Video

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90 Minute Training Video # 012519-V       

Self Drilling Screws – The Most Amazing Multi-Function Fasteners Ever Invented!
Every fastener supplier should be offering the amazing value-added benefits that come with Self Drilling Screws (SDS)!  High profits and grateful customers are yours for the asking when you ask the right questions about SDS.

This webinar will get you fully up to speed on the use and sales of Self Drilling Screws -Topics include:

  • Specifications that cover SDS
  • Types of SDS
  • SDS applications
  • SDS Special Features
  • SDS materials and coatings
  • SDS installation tooling
  • Imported vs Domestic SDS
  • SDS History and new technology
  • Troubleshooting SDS problems
  • How to avoid the most common SDS disasters
  • Testing of SDS
  • SDS Certifications
  • What exactly is a TEKS screw anyway?

Many users and suppliers of SDS do not get the full benefit of the amazing SDS because they do not know how they work.
They may not know the extreme added value that SDS bring to the manufacturing assembly process and the job site.
This webinar will help you to help your customers to spot the opportunities to put SDS to work for profit and value!

This is a technical webinar, but the content is appropriate for all levels of experience and positions in the fastener industry.

  • Pricing: 2-week rental – $225 (up to 25 views per video)
  • One-time view – $125
  • Includes reference materials and quizzes

Instructor: Carmen Vertullo CFS

  • Founder of Carver Consulting, a San Diego-based consulting, engineering and training company specializing in fasteners and bolted joints.
  • Experience in fastener quality assurance, manufacturing, sales, and inventory management programs.
  • Developed and teaches a series of advanced fastener training courses for the Fastener Training Institute®.
  • Holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from National University, San Diego, CA.
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