Testing for Suppliers - Training Video

Testing for Suppliers - Training Video

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Testing for Suppliers

90 Minute Training Video #072117-V

When it comes to Quality Management Systems for suppliers, most suppliers focus on paper – Test Reports, Certifications, Lot Numbers, Vendor Qualifications and so on.

For inspection, they may have their receiving departments check if the item and the quantity is correct, and do a minor inspect-to-identify process with simple plastic screw checkers.

These are all administrative activates that require no special equipment.

One step above that is doing some dimensional inspection such as checking threads with ring gages, measuring heads and lengths – things we can check with calipers, and maybe, recess and drive conformance.

However, the most advanced suppliers will have some mechanical testing capability in house. That is the subject of this webinar.
Most suppliers think that mechanical testing is out of reach for their budget or technical expertise. This is not so.

In fact, mechanical testing capability is the most value-added risk management tool that any fastener Quality Management System can employ.

There are a variety of useful and easily available testing capabilities at our fingertips.

This webinar will cover the basics and beyond of the following fastener mechanical tests:

• Hardness – Rockwell Macro and Superficial Scales
• Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing
• Machine Screw and Tapping Screw Performance Tests
• Self-Drilling Screw Tests
• Washer tests
• Tensile Testing
• Shear Testing
• Torque-Tension and K Factor Testing
• Lock Nut and Thread Locking Element testing
• Structural Bolt Testing –
• ROCAP Testing
• Assembly Lot Tension Testing

We will discuss the equipment needs, the expertise involved, the testing standards, sampling plans, and how to get started on a Fastener Mechanical Testing Program.

We will discuss those tests that are beyond the realm of suppliers, but are must-have for manufacturers and importers, and when an independent testing laboratory is needed

The differences and similarities between inch and metric testing requirements, and fastener testing technical resources will be presented.

This is a technical program. It is primarily intended for quality professionals at all levels, technical sales and purchasing, and managers or owners.
However – anyone having a technical interest in fasteners at any level will benefit greatly from this webinar.

2-week rental – $225 (up to 25 views per video)

One-time view – $125

Includes reference materials and quizzes

Instructor: Carmen Vertullo CFS
Image - Carmen headshot

      • Founder of Carver Consulting, a San Diego-based consulting, engineering and training company specializing in fasteners and bolted joints.

      • Experience in fastener quality assurance, manufacturing, sales, and inventory management programs.

      • Developed and teaches a series of advanced fastener training courses for the Fastener Training Institute®.

    • Holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from National University, San Diego, CA.
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