Fastener Basics Like Never Before - Lock Nuts - Week 6

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Fastener Basics Like Never Before
Fastener Basics Like Never Before - Lock Nuts - Week 6

We’re presenting Fastener Basics like you’ve never seen before – in 22 live webinar sessions! Beginning in May 2021, every other week we will host a 90-minute webinar. This fast-paced program will cover all topics relevant to new fastener professionals and will leave you prepared for advanced learning in the FTI’s Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) training program. Each topic is discussed in open format with
real-time Q&A.

• Biweekly 90-minute live webinars
• Recommended for all sales, purchasing, warehouse, quality and management personnel
• All sessions cover both inch and metric products as applicable
• Open format with real-time Q & A, including opportunities to ask questions covering previous sessions
• Unlimited access to all previously recorded webinars during the course of the program
• Ability to join the program at anytime

Whatís not to love about LOCKNUTS!
Since the invention of the first Elastic Stop Nut there have been countless innovations in locknut technology.
Many products and modern conveniences that we enjoy today would not be possible without locknuts.
The lock nut is a mainstay of every fastener supplier and you should know about the various styles, applications and specifications that cover locknuts.
In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the various kinds of locknuts - old, new and never before seen!

  • What standards cover locknuts - inch, metric, military and aerospace.

  • What are the various testing and performance requirements of locknuts

  • Technical terms you need to know to talk the locknut talk

  • What are the least expensive and the most expensive locknuts

  • What are the least effective and most effective locknuts

  • How can lock nut selection decrease or increase the overall cost of the joint

  • Locknut material considerations

  • How to safely give customers application advice on the selection and use of locknuts

  • Proper tightening strategies for locknuts

  • Locknut reusability

  • Locknut application case studies- when to use what type of locknut

  • Troubleshooting common locknut problems

    We are nuts about locknuts! If you are too - donít miss this webinar!
    The information presented is intended for those who are new to the fastener industry and those veterans who need a tune up!
    It is appropriate for all levels of experience and positions.


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