Fastener Basics Like Never Before - Machine Screws - Week 4

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Fastener Basics Like Never Before
Fastener Basics Like Never Before - Machine Screws - Week 4

We’re presenting Fastener Basics like you’ve never seen before – in 22 live webinar sessions! Beginning in May 2021, every other week we will host a 90-minute webinar. This fast-paced program will cover all topics relevant to new fastener professionals and will leave you prepared for advanced learning in the FTI’s Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) training program. Each topic is discussed in open format with
real-time Q&A.

The Basics of Machine Screws

Machine screws are fundamental components of almost every mechanical assembly.
So you need to know the fundamentals of machine screws!

What is the difference between a Flat Head and an Oval Head - and what is the same?
Why is a Pan Head not the same as a Round Head?
Most fastener suppliers have more SKUís for machine screws than any other category of fastener.
So you gotta know more about machine screws!

  • Typical usage for every type of Machine Screw

  • Quality requirements for machine screws

  • Troubleshooting the most common applications problems

  • Materials for Machine Screws

  • How to properly describe and identify various screws

  • How to properly measure machine screws

  • Inch and metric machine screw standards

  • What is the same between inch and metrics machine screws and what is not

  • How suppliers can add value when providing machine screws

    This webinar provides lots of basic information, but also goes beyond the basics.

    It is essential for anyone new to the fastener industry as well as those veterans looking to sharpen their skills.

• Biweekly 90-minute live webinars
• Recommended for all sales, purchasing, warehouse, quality and management personnel
• All sessions cover both inch and metric products as applicable
• Open format with real-time Q & A, including opportunities to ask questions covering previous sessions
• Unlimited access to all previously recorded webinars during the course of the program
• Ability to join the program at anytime

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