Fastener Basics Like Never Before - Fastener Standards & Screw Threads -Including ISO Metric - Week 1

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Fastener Basics Like Never Before
Fastener Standards & Screw Threads -Including ISO Metric - Week 1

We’re presenting Fastener Basics like you’ve never seen before – in 22 live webinar sessions! Beginning in May 2021, every other week we will host a 90-minute webinar. This fast-paced program will cover all topics relevant to new fastener professionals and will leave you prepared for advanced learning in the FTI’s Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) training program. Each topic is discussed in open format with
real-time Q&A.

• Biweekly 90-minute live webinars
• Recommended for all sales, purchasing, warehouse, quality and management personnel
• All sessions cover both inch and metric products as applicable
• Open format with real-time Q & A, including opportunities to ask questions covering previous sessions
• Unlimited access to all previously recorded webinars during the course of the program
• Ability to join the program at anytime

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Fastener standards can be one of the most frustrating and intimidating part of being a fastener pro - but they don’t have to be!

In fact - understanding fastener standards is by far the most important factor in distinguishing yourself among others as a professional in the fastener industry. 

As a new person in the industry, or someone wanting to move into a position with more technical responsibilities, getting a grip on standards is your secret sauce!

This first in a series of Fastener Basics will lay the foundation for continued growth and understanding of the products you sell, buy or manage.

It a bit of alphabet soup -  ASTM, ISO, ASME, SAE, RCSC, PPAP, IFI, DIN, JIS --

All this in a 90 minute fastener basics class!! Surely my head will explode! You must be thinking - NOT!

And this includes thread standards - one of the most misunderstood topics in all of fastenerdom! 

The truth is - It’s not that hard - and in 90 minutes you will come away with fastener knowledge that takes years to acquire though experience alone.

This is a fastener basics webinar and is appropriate for all levels of experience - or inexperience in the fastener industry.

It is fast paced - but at your speed - you can ask a question at any time. 

There are no books, handouts or tests - but we will take a short break to test your uptake from time to time. 

Lots of on-line resources will be shared as well.

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